PlushBeds Coupon Codes

Do you treasure your health and the sustainability of the environment? If so, you have the perfect motive to choose PlushBeds mattresses – well, aside from their amazing promotional coupon codes (get Plushbeds coupon code here). Their products are designed from sustainable sources and organic material to ensure you go to sleep with the emotional and physical comfort of knowing the world is safer from your purchase.


Home Bookshelf Speakers & Theater Speaker

Neither a home theater nor a high-end amplifier can be imagined without a full-fledged and high-quality speaker system. The choice of acoustics is now simply huge – from affordable speakers for unassuming listeners to Hi-End class systems, where, however, more money is worth the mark than the sound itself. (more…)

What Is a Smart Thermostat and What You Need to Know

As summer approaches, people will be shutting off their furnace and turning on their air conditioners. In this case, it’s the high time you considered a few ways which can boost your household’s energy efficiency while saving money on your utility bills. One of the main ways to achieve this objective is by installing a Smart Thermostat. (more…)

Finding the Perfect Coffee Maker for Your Home

There are more and more real fans of coffee: not being satisfied with the average taste of instant drinks, everyone is trying to find “his” original coffee with its own special notes. The question naturally arises – which coffee maker to choose, in which one model is better than another?

Of course, initially the division of coffee makers and coffee machines begins with the type of installation – the built-in coffee maker is installed in a free niche in the kitchen, and the desktop coffee maker is a stand-alone device in its own case. (more…)

How to Choose the Right Refrigerator – Tips and Tricks

In this article we will describe how to choose a refrigerator for the home and what brand is durable in 2019.

In terms of overall dimensions, refrigerators can be divided into the following groups:

Single compartment refrigerators.

They can be low and narrow, with a small freezer, which is usually located on top. Overall dimensions of such refrigerators can be approximately the following: height is from 85 to 160 cm, width is about 55 cm and depth is usually standard – 60 cm. (more…)

Roomba 860 vs Roomba 880

Are you getting bored doing the manual vacuuming in your homes? I’m sure you are. That is exactly the main reason why robotic vacuums are getting popular these days because many consider manual vacuuming as dreadful and monotonous.


KEF LS50 Home Speaker Review

Well-known in the audiophile circle, KEF decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary in a very popular way among producers, timed to release the new LS50 acoustics. It should be noted that with a fairly generic undertaking, the British developers managed to really surprise their fans. (more…)

World’s Smallest Phone – Tiny T1

Tiny T1 – the smallest mobile phone in the world

British company Clubit New Media has presented on the platform Kickstarter its new project Zanco Tiny T1. If she manages to raise the necessary funds, the smallest active mobile phone in the world will appear on the market. According to the developers, the new gadget is focused, first of all, on athletes, for whom compactness is very important – runners, cyclists, extremals. (more…)


Android 8.0 Oreo for Samsung smartphones

South Korean company Samsung worldwide is famous for its attention to detail.Therefore, each of its devices is a sample of impeccable style and quality
The company began distributing the final version of the firmware based on Android 8.0 Oreo, which will allow users to fully appreciate the capabilities of gadgets. (more…)