Finding the Perfect Coffee Maker for Your Home

Posted by Bridge on January 30, 2019

There are more and more real fans of coffee: not being satisfied with the average taste of instant drinks, everyone is trying to find “his” original coffee with its own special notes. The question naturally arises – which coffee maker to choose, in which one model is better than another?

Of course, initially the division of coffee makers and coffee machines begins with the type of installation – the built-in coffee maker is installed in a free niche in the kitchen, and the desktop coffee maker is a stand-alone device in its own case.

Drip coffee maker – for a large family

Cuisinart Combination K-cup

The principle of operation of this coffee maker is that boiled water flows into the compartment filled with coffee, and drips (already as a finished drink) into a special container. If you have a large family or you purchase an office unit, this coffee machine will suit you:

  • You can immediately prepare a lot of drink;
  • any kind of ground coffee is suitable for use.

Some users do not like the fact that coffee is prepared rather slowly, however, if the device is equipped with heating, the process can be made almost continuous, occasionally adding water and pouring new coffee.

Of the existing shortcomings, they note the need to regularly change the filters, as well as to fully load the machine – it is not designed for preparing one or two cups and may cause malfunctions.

Espresso or drop: which is better to buy a gourmet

Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine

These connoisseurs will give preference to the horn: manufacturers have made sure that you can quickly get a great aromatic drink with a seductive creamy foam. The principle of operation of this device is that high-pressure water passes into a special horn filled with ground coffee.

Moka pot: not only for coffee, but also for tea

Moka pot coffee maker

One of the most popular today due to low price and excellent quality geyser coffee maker can smooth out the conflict of interests in the family, when one likes coffee, another – tea, and the third doctor prescribed herbal infusion. All these types of drinks can be prepared using a single apparatus.

How to use it to make coffee?

Pour water into the lower compartment, pour coffee into the middle one. In the third, upper compartment, ready coffee will appear.

The principle of operation of the apparatus is that boiled and turned into steam water rises up and, passing through a layer of ground coffee, condenses in the upper tank of the apparatus.

The main advantages of this coffee maker are:

  • the ability to make a large amount of coffee at a time;
  • use it to make other drinks.

Disadvantages – less fragrant than when using other models, coffee; and also difficulties in servicing the appliance (there are many parts in it that need to be disassembled and washed thoroughly).


You can make American and espresso in them. For them, suitable as ground coffee (and different grinding), and in the grains. This means that the unit has a built-in coffee grinder.

What does not suit consumers:

  • high price of coffee makers;
  • difficulties in the care.

How to choose a coffee maker for the house, you will decide for yourself. But it is better to give preference to brand models.

And note that the price of a normal drip-type coffee maker starts at $ 60, and a horn machine starts at $ 400. Now you know how to choose a coffee maker for your home and select what you need.

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