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Posted by Bridge on May 29, 2019

Neither a home theater nor a high-end amplifier can be imagined without a full-fledged and high-quality speaker system. The choice of acoustics is now simply huge – from affordable speakers for unassuming listeners to Hi-End class systems, where, however, more money is worth the mark than the sound itself.

Today we will try to find a middle ground, that is, acoustics, which will not leave indifferent, and at the same time deprived of unreasonably expensive audiophiles. We will choose the best speakers for the house in three main categories:

Floor speakers are a good choice if you have enough space for installation. Large internal volume allows to achieve optimal conditions for low-frequency speakers, the height makes it possible to distribute the frequency bands across a greater number of speakers. So, although such acoustics are often advised for home theaters, the music lover will be able to find its advantages in it.

Bookshelf and suspension (many models allow both installation options) are compact and best fit in a limited space, but here you have to resort to separate tricks to achieve good bottoms in a small volume. The sound is often dual-band, so the midbass gets both the low-frequency band and the mid-frequency band.

Subwoofers are necessary both for raising the bottom with acoustics, where they are not enough, and for the full effect of presence when watching movies and playing on consoles: you can even make the floor shake with the sound of explosions, if, of course, neighbors appreciate it.

• What is 5.1 surround sound?

5.1 surround sound

5.1 is both a set of components constituting the initial version of a home theater and a set of sound processor control channels, the signals of which are supplied after amplification to the speaker system provide the listener with a surround sound picture. Home theater in one box and assembly by component?

Provident manufacturers have come up with the term “Home theater in one box” for a budget integrated version. Benefits? Everything including the connecting wires in the kit, with ease of setup. Disadvantages result from the advantages – universal solutions especially in the budget class are far from perfect.

• Why do I need an AV receiver?

The receiver acts as a sound amplifier and audio signal processor and is the center around which the home theater system is built. The presence of a thoughtful set of connectors of digital and analog type ensures the connection of all possible sources from the existing ones in the house. The price of a full-fledged receiver 7.2 starts.

Usually, the receivers of leading manufacturers provide for the possibility of updating as new manufacturer firmwares appear. Excessive power reserve when choosing a receiver is an integral criterion for its overall perfection. Cinema advancement is estimated by the presence of the latest DTS-HD Master Audio type decoders for the type of channel autotune. From the switching capabilities, first of all, the presence of the second HDMI output and its version, the presence of several zones, network capabilities and types of wireless communication (Wi-Fi, AirPlay, Bluetooth). Of the THX-certified receivers, particular consumer attention should be paid to the following manufacturers: Onkyo, Denon, Marantz, Yamaha.

• About home theater speaker systems

Home theater acoustics in the initial versions (5.1 or 7.2) are purchased either in a single set or component by component from different suppliers. The sound is not something that representatives of different brands differ from each other, but the speakers of different product lines of the same manufacturer exhibit a different character of sound. Considerations of design type and practical convenience as opposed to the requirement of high-quality sound is the usual compromise when choosing between cabinet and built-in acoustics. Embedded solutions suggest the possibility of attracting performers with THX qualifications.

Today, THX-certification passes both the classic classical speaker acoustics and the speaker sets consisting only of walls or ceiling.

The pioneers of this movement were the first companies to achieve compliance of the technical characteristics of their series with the requirements of the certification body were companies from the top ten manufacturers: Klipsch, Sonance, Jamo, etc.

• And what about the wall-mounted home cinema?

The wall version of the acoustics models is a simple upgrade of the shelf acoustics by adapting the latter for mounting on the wall.

Proper installation and a good choice of the placement zone will provide a significant gain in the bass frequency range.

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