Roomba 860 vs Roomba 880

Posted by Bridge on November 19, 2018

Are you getting bored doing the manual vacuuming in your homes? I’m sure you are. That is exactly the main reason why robotic vacuums are getting popular these days because many consider manual vacuuming as dreadful and monotonous.

The brilliant solution for this is to use robot vacuums. One of the companies producing these said vacuums is iRobot.

iRobot frequently innovates to give customers a lot of options to choose from. The company’s best reviewed models are in 800 series which are Roomba 860 and 880.

But have you been curious about the disparity between these two? To assist you, here are customer reviews of Roomba 860 vs 880.

Most customers praised Roomba 860’s unique design and new silver finish which able to hype up its sales; making it one of the best-selling models.

Positive feedbacks were also given to its features like the efficient 3-stage cleaning process which makes the cleaning performance 50% more efficient than commercial robot vacuums available in the market and its tangle-free debris extractor that eliminates the hassle when hair and various stringy materials clog.

To compare with its counterparts, 860 is 5 times more powerful. The machine is said to be powered by durable lithium-ion batteries which improved its battery life twice as much.

Concentrated cleaning can also be done to zones with higher dust concentration through the help of its optical and acoustic sensors. Its newly-improved navigation system minimizes scratches by not seriously bumping into furniture. It is certainly a good buy!

You can use the vacuum only for residential spaces. If you are planning to use it for your business then you have to buy a good commercial backpack vacuum.

In addition, a HEPA filter is installed that is advantageous to people who are suffering from dust allergies. It can self-dock and charge on its own. But most importantly, it can be purchased in an affordable price. It is cheap but with quality.

On the contrary, there is no remote control provided so user must manually set the equipment. Its circular design is ineffective which can’t thoroughly clean edges and corners. The robot vacuum can’t be controlled via phone because there is no mobile application.

Also, it has no auto resume function so you need to manually take the equipment back to where it left off.  It comes with no multi-room navigation feature, no full bin indicator and only one virtual wall technology.

Roomba 860 Robot Vacuum


  1. Has a tangle-free debris extractor.
  2. 3-stage cleaning system.
  3. Concentrated Cleaning function.
  4. Powered by lithium-ion batteries.
  5. HEPA Filter.
  6. Automatic docking and charging.
  7. Affordable Price.


  1. No remote control.
  2. Ineffective circular design.
  3. No mobile application.
  4. No Auto resume after charging.
  5. No Multi-room Navigation Feature.
  6. No Full Bin Indicator.
  7. Only one virtual wall technology.

As for my verdict, despite the downsides of Roomba 860, it can deliver adequate results. Its competitive price is just reasonable with the functions it can do. In spite of its affordable price, good quality can still be assured.

On the other hand, Roomba 880 is also popular.  It is classified as high-end and tagged as brand’s second most advance.

The company made a strategic move when Roomba 860’s useful features were kept. Buyers can still enjoy some of its functions like convenient scheduling, concentrated cleaning, self-charging option and automatic docking.

A lot of features were added to 880 which were drawn from the 860’s shortcomings like multi-room navigation feature which can set Roomba 880 to clean up to three rooms.

Also, a remote control has been added which ease owners in controlling the robot vacuum. It comes now with two virtual lighthouses that can make cleaning better since the vacuum can be enclosed to focus cleaning a room before going to another.

Moreover, Roomba 880’s bin is larger plus the owner can be notified when it’s time to empty it. Its suction power is now powerful which improved cleaning performance.

Very fine particle can also be collected with the installed innovative HEPA filter and a handle was added in the modified design to ease the problem in transporting the vacuum from a place to another.

However, a machine is not always perfect no matter how many improvement it went through. Thus, there are always downsides. Roomba 880 is noisy compared to its counterparts.

Although it is quieter than manual HEPA vacuum, 880 produces more noise than most of its competitors. Edge brushers were added in the circular design but it is still considered as ineffective since these brushers did not eliminate the problem in dealing with corners and edges.

The same with Roomba 860, this 880 model has no mobile application which left critics and customers questioning if iRobot still has no idea how techie people can be nowadays.

Also, it won’t automatically resume after charging. Buyers still need to click the home button or the remote control to let the robotic vacuum continue where it left off.

Another downside was when lithium-ion batteries were replaced. Although Roomba 880’s xLife battery can deliver twice as many cleaning cycles, its durability is not at par compared to 860’s.

Carpets can’t be cleaned efficiently because it has no carpet boost. And most importantly, this machine is being sold at an expensive price so it is not good for people in a tight budget.


  1. Innovative HEPA filter.
  2. Larger Bin.
  3. Two virtual lighthouses.
  4. Remote control included.
  5. Has Multi-room navigation feature.
  6. With a handle.


  1. Noisy
  2. Edge brushers in circular design is still ineffective.
  3. No mobile application.
  4. Lithium-ion batteries were replaced.
  5. No Carpet Boost.
  6. No Auto-resume after charging.
  7. Sold at an expensive price.

Roomba 880 solidifies its label as a high-end robotic vacuum and is undoubtedly a best improvement of the drawbacks most of the customers experienced in other models specifically 860. The expensive price is just right considering the new features the company added which make 880 an efficient and effective machine.

To compare iRobot 860 and 880, the former only lacks additional features that you can have in the latter. But that does not eliminate the fact that both of them are at par with each other in terms of basic functions which most of the customers wanted.

At the end of the day, money is a big factor. If you are in a tight budget, then you must choose 860 but if you want to enjoy the convenience by having more features, then 880 is a good buy.

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