What Is a Smart Thermostat and What You Need to Know

Posted by Bridge on April 19, 2019

As summer approaches, people will be shutting off their furnace and turning on their air conditioners. In this case, it’s the high time you considered a few ways which can boost your household’s energy efficiency while saving money on your utility bills. One of the main ways to achieve this objective is by installing a Smart Thermostat.

Over the past few years, Smart Thermostats have hugely risen in popularity. Numerous energy supplying agents describe Smart Thermostats as the ideal way to manage your electricity and gas supply. Nevertheless, there are several people that still don’t know precisely what these devices are. So, if you’re one in this category of people, then, you’re in the right place as this article is tailored to explain what smart thermostat is and all you need to know them. Therefore, keep reading.

What Is a Smart Thermostat?


A Smart thermostat is one of the latest trends when it comes to home heating. They can turn on or off your heating remotely through the internet. Thus, you can utilize your smartphone to switch on your heating while coming back home from somewhere or switch off if you happen to unexpectedly pop out.

Smart thermostats are programmable digital heating units that can show you the amount of heating you’re utilizing. Additionally, some smart thermostats provide control system functionality that helps manage your usage and even learn your cycle. Today, there are countless brands of smart thermostats in the market. Each of them works in a somewhat different way.

How Do Smart Thermostats Work?

What Is a Smart Thermostat & What You Need to Know

Normally, smart thermostats comprise three fundamental components. One component plugs straight into the HVAC system. The part corresponds right with the 2nd component, the thermostat administers itself.

From there, the last part which constitutes a “smart thermostat” happens to be the smart thermostat application that will be downloaded into your mobile device, smartphone or PC. This impressive trifecta of technology lets you adjust your household’s temperatures regardless of where you’re. This way, it provides internet or wireless connection.

Although these “fundamental” parts are what creates a Smart Thermostat tick, a few top-notch models may provide more, including smart “learning” designs, that need no programming; adjusting temperatures while members of the family get closer to home; smartphone tracking, or extra sensors, for zoned heat control and enhanced energy savings.

Why Are People Buying Smart Thermostats?

As you’ve seen above, there are many benefits that are brought by having a smart thermostat at your home. Here are more benefits that you will enjoy buying this system:

Easy Installation

Generally, a Smart Thermostat is capable of being installed within 30 minutes or even less. This convenience makes them the best choice for DIYers. However, it may be simpler and less complex if you allow someone else to do the installation on your behave.


Smart Thermostats provide a bit more control and enhanced temperature readings. This is made possible the use of a digital thermometer which turns off the HVAC system the moment your wanted temperature is attained but offering no programming alternatives. Furthermore, these devices are created to provide better control of thermostat whether you’re at away or home. This provides for programming on the basis of your schedule. Moreover, multiple options are available, including those giving different programming for every weekday (seven-day types), five-day work week, two-day weekend scheduling (five+two-day types), and (five+one+one-day) types for a different weekend schedule.

Save Money

Having installed a new smart thermostat, you’ll realize an extra convenience and a boosted capacity to save cash. While this kind of thermostat appears to be costly, one can consider it to be an investment. The money which you spend directly can be preserved on your regular utility bills with time. They provide the best way to use technology for coming up with a more energy efficient household.


Just like programmable designs, these devices have the capacity of saving you up to a maximum of 20 percent on cooling and heating costs. In addition, they are a great option for the people who are unlikely to always program a thermostat, or still do so perfectly.

Unlike programmable types, they provide remote operation right from anywhere through a mobile device, smartphones, or voice-operated house automation systems including Alexa and Google Home, and a lot of added whistles and bells, such as energy-usage statements to assist you to realize additional chances for savings.


In conclusion, it’s important to note that there are two types of smart thermostats in the market; Nest and Hive Smart Thermostats. Both thermostats are of great quality and will do the same work though in distinct ways. It’s recommended, therefore, that before buying one for your home do a bit of research first, speaking to the local installers and ask questions concerning each one to determine the one best for you.

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